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Subject: [NetEpic ML] Is Epic dead in your area?

>Now, would everyone like to comment how strong (or weak) epic is in your
>respective areas. Also was it stronger before e40k or after? Was it
>easier to find opponent then or now? And ultimately did you play more
>games then or now.

Epic seems pretty weak these days in the mecca of gaming (Tulsa,
Oklahoma,USA)! :-) It was much stronger here in the old days (before
Epic40k). But it has always seemed to wax and wane here depending on when
new editions came out and depending on how much support GW was giving
it(sound familiar?). I queried a few store owners here and in Arkansas and
they all pretty much said it is dead right now. One owner (an official GW
store) said,"he can't give it away...". I played more then although I have
decided to try to get going again with NETEPIC.

>And the grand daddie of questions!
>What do you think will be the FUTURE of epic?
Epic will slip and has slipped into the shadows of GW gaming but I am sure
that in time GW will give it another shot as it seems Epic is a pet project
for Jervis and the boys. I just hope they use a little more savvy next time
around or we better all scarf up every figure we can get our hands on if we
want to be playing it years down the road... So I guess I have cautious
optimism about the game being re-released within the next five to seven
years, until then I'll patrol Bartertown for some great deals!

>Looking forward to your responses.

Sincerely, Eddie (SRG)

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