[NetEpic ML] Re: Is Epic dead in your area?

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 19:49:42 -0700

Epic never was really a phenomena back home when SM2 was still pretty new
and all that. All my friends played it but I think we comprised most of the
players in the Spokane/North Idaho area.

We played every weekend, usually at my friends house where we would consume
mass quantitites of Mountain Dew as we wailed on each other. We played on
the floor so you can imagine how screwed Chaos was... Battles tended to last
about 6-11 hours with lots of kibbitzing and breaking to watch Star Trek or

After I joined the Corps I totally forgot about Epic until sometime last
year I was surfing the net idly looking for Epic stuff (and not finding
much) when BAM I stumbled on the EpiCentre. And that folks, is how history

When I go back home on leave I know of NO players playing the game. There
are by far more Rogue Trader playes then any players of Epic (any kind). In
San Diego I can't think of any big groups I've heard of (though I don't get
out much). I know at Brookhurst Hobbies they have an active 40K and Epic40K
league but that place has some real psycho regulars I'd rather not play
against. (Same people who shout Dakka Dakka Dakka) and try to talk in the
voice of their D&D character...)

But overall GW has killed the game with their insane prices, crappy release
schedule and bad habit of releasing broken games that should still be in
early playtest. Epic USED to be a good deal to get into the "GW Hobby"
without spending millions on 40K figs. Then it became MORE expensive to play
then 40K for new players. Go figure.

Epic is dead! Long live NetEpic!


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