[NetEpic ML] Orks...and what to do with them.

From: Matthew McLane <mmclane_at_...>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 10:31:44 -0400

I am just learning how to play netepic. A friend of mine one day said
to me...hey...would you like and ork army?? He spent a year painting
his eldar army ... and then wanted to go and paint and Ork army.
So...the two of us have been painting orks. We have also played a few
(3) times. So far however, we have only gotten past the first turn
once...and that ended after the second or third turn. In each of these
battles....the orks lost....fairly badly. I have been reading the rules
to find ways to make the army better....but I am having a hard time with
it. There just inst much that will stand up to his harlaquines...and
screaming banchies. What I would like to know...is what is the orks
great secret....they have a whole bunch of stuff to them that Makes them
hard to use....like the randomness of everything....but, what is their
great strength??????? I can seem to find it.

Also....regarding the Renegade Mechboyz.....Are they a clan or a
special?? I was looking last night, and I found the rules saying
different things in different places.. this makes a difference.
So...what are they??


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