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From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 06:54:39 -0700

While generally a nice idea I don't like it based on the simple fact that it
makes no sense. I'm sure a device as rare and expensive as a warp missile
would be fitted with decent sensors that can pick out the size of an object
or at least its enermy output - and a Warlord is going to put out a lot more
energy then a lowly Knight.

No, something else needs to be done here and it needs to be a fundamental
change as to how the warp missile works. I'm open to suggestions but right
now its just unbalanced for the cost - on the Deathstrike platform at least.

I'd say no warp missiles on Deathstrikes. If they are so rare they why are
they given to disposable Imperial Guard units, and mounted on vulnerable
crawlers no less! No, I say the simplest (and one that makes sense) is to
simply deny access to anything but Barrage missiles to Deathstrikes - I see
them more as SCUDS then as platforms to launch rare and expensive missiles.
Maybe give them some more conventional warhead types to compensate. But I
believe only Titans should get the really rare stuff. The Adeptus Mechanicus
makes the weapons, why would'nt they give it their own Titan Orders?

And I agree with the leave the transport crawlers on the table. Maybe give
them some bolters to at least give them SOMETHING to do.


> I started thinking about this problem and came up with an idea. Tell me
> you think. This is a way to at least shield the more costly units with
> others akin to the way escorts shield transports at sea.
> New Rule
> Warp missiles fired from a deathstrike launcher are launched directly
> and fly 35 cm the first turn. They may not go active at this time.
> the next turn and continuing until they fly off the table or run out of
> fuel, the owning player has the option of having the missile fly straight
> ahead up to 35 cm or make the missile go active. At the moment the missile
> goes active, the owning player measures in a 360 degree arc to the closest
> enemy target with shields of any type. This becomes the target of the
> "terminal flying" missile until the missile strikes the target or runs out
> of fuel, it will move at top speed to the target. Once striking, the
> follows the normal rules of hitting and damage. Warp missiles fired from
> titan will target the closest enemy target with active shields and strike
> immediately.
> These missiles may not be targeted at anything without active shields.
> This simulates the value of the missile as no one would waste one on a
> value target. Also, this would allow one to shield a target with a knight
> smaller value target as bait for these missiles.
> Finally, imagine the computers in these missiles are programmed to go
> after the nearest threat with shields to simulate using them against high
> priority targets.
> Also, the firing platforms should stay on the battlefield for the entire
> battle as it gives the enemy a chance to gain the victory points from
> Where do they go anyway? Teleport away? :-)
> Maybe something like this would work? I agree we don't need a lot of extra
> rules to throw into the game as this will quickly bog it down with
> exceptions, but this seems like a terrible abuse within the system. For
> example, I would think that if I was playing a battle of Tech Guard vs. IG
> could take out an Imperator with just three of these things as the rules
> stand. 2250 points from 3 shots? Not good.
> Sincerely, Eddie (SRG)
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