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From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 16:03:18 +0000


<grin> you come to the right place for eldar bashing.

One of the most challenging armies to play against eldar are the orks. The
orks are the opposite in many ways of the eldar. They are slow, large
formations, most of their firepower is short ranged.

The eldar will usually stay back and fire and harass you with jet bikes and
long ranged firepower.

Whats a ork to do?

First lets cover what you can bring to the battle.

Its tempting to buys lots of those wierd vehicles, but dont, infantry is the
key. You get a lot more for the cost than the eldar do and overall they are
pretty good close combat troops.

Clans like the Goffs and bad moonz are excelent choices since you get high
CAF's and armor penetration modifiers. These can form the core of your army.

Don't spurn clans like blood axes and evil sunz they come with vehicles and
mobility is at a premium in the ork force. Moving a whole clan by transport
to close by objectives on turn one virtually guarantees you holding on to
them since even crap eldar aspect warriors are few vs. your many.

Gargants, they are your firebases, depending on how large the game is, you
can bring several. The cannon ball shot is particularly lethal to the eldar
titans since it ignores thier holofields. Also its great for plowing through
buildings the eldar want to hide in.

Wierdboy towers-get one they rock! They are the most powerful AA peice in
the game and can literally destroy the opponents air force. Not to mention
his tempest, titans or whatever gets in the way.

Shock attack guns are also good but not how most people use them. Most
people go for broke trying to coax a hit and doucle on the die roll to
destroy the target. Resist that urge. Use them to shoot at aspect warriors
that close into close combat with your clans (orks are allowed these cold
blooded tactics as they can fire upon their own! While you might not slay
them you gain precious extra D6's in close combat to even the odda versus
striking scorpions and such.

Braincrushas a detachment is good to counter the tempest, especially if you
give them big guns and the force fields for protection, wait for the tempest
to pop-up and send them to hell with a -4 for save modifier!

Nobz- the heart of your. Think, the goffs bring 8 mobz add a card of extra
nobz adn you have 12. Give them the kustom weapons card and they have three
hit dice each-thats 36 dice of firepower at -2 modifiers for armor! I have
seen whole companies melt away with that!

Pulsa-rokkits, one detachment, fire it at tempest of other targets that
pop-up, even if you fail to kill outright, you obligate the enemy to move in
advance in his next turn. One turn without pop-ups really kills the eldar!


You are many he is few, remeber that! Attack objectives in force a whole
clan at a time if necessary. Remeber if you bring a lot of infantry he cant
counter it all. Get there quick with transports and sit on first fire, he'll
think twice about getting at you with precious aspect warriors if he has to
suffer fire first to get to you.

Dont be afraid to use buildings and such the great eldar weakness is lack of
good artillery. Deny him buildings with your good weapons (ball rounds,
pulsa rokkits,etc) and use them yourself.

Countercharge, not charge! Dont go head first into close combat. Let him
commit most of what he has to an assault and then countercharge, you can
gang up more effectively that way.

Surprise him, use units like the rokkit transport to land troops behind
enemy lines and disrupt his precious AA guns and tempest on frist fire. Use
independant units like tinbots and stormboys to grab unattended objectives
away from the main thrust. You have the numbers use them.

Gargants, dont waste shots on long range pot-shots, use their massive fire
to support the objectives you hold or are planning to take. Concentrate
fire, dont divide them too much for too many targets, getting one for sure
is better than none at all.

Use your biker to attack those who pop-up, sure they'll die but they wont
fire at more important targets!

This are but a few, if you tell me what your eldar friend likes to do in a
game I'm sure I can gice you advice that he'll regret......


Matthew McLane wrote:

> I am just learning how to play netepic. A friend of mine one day said
> to me...hey...would you like and ork army?? He spent a year painting
> his eldar army ... and then wanted to go and paint and Ork army.
> So...the two of us have been painting orks. We have also played a few
> (3) times. So far however, we have only gotten past the first turn
> once...and that ended after the second or third turn. In each of these
> battles....the orks lost....fairly badly. I have been reading the rules
> to find ways to make the army better....but I am having a hard time with
> it. There just inst much that will stand up to his harlaquines...and
> screaming banchies. What I would like to know...is what is the orks
> great secret....they have a whole bunch of stuff to them that Makes them
> hard to use....like the randomness of everything....but, what is their
> great strength??????? I can seem to find it.
> Also....regarding the Renegade Mechboyz.....Are they a clan or a
> special?? I was looking last night, and I found the rules saying
> different things in different places.. this makes a difference.
> So...what are they??
> Thanks.
> Rollo
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