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From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 17:16:09 -0700

I like the idea of Wounds for Chaos Daemons.

Drop pods I've never really used - tend to get eaten by AA fire. Plus how do
you propose we integrate them into the rest of the flyer phase? Surely the
aircraft can get a crack at them.

I still don't like the idea that firing Deathstrikes gives your opponent
VPs. With off-board support you are paying a good discount for the
POSSIBILITY to use an strike. With Deathstrikes you already (supposedly)
bought a fair priced unit thats on the board already.

Plus it does nothing to counter the 3 warp missile cheese. I say either not
let them have those missiles (And I think they are rarer then even 1 per
planet) or let them only have 1 specialty missile (sounds fine to me). And
the crawlers remain in play after firing.



I agree Drop pods cost too much. They should be worth 200 pts. The barrage
and the firing weaponry included are worth a little more but they don't
always open and can be shot down. The pods give a higher break point but
again easily shot down and don't always open. 200 points is fair.

One of my friends plays Chaos and he always uses his Chaos cards to save his
demons. I know that they can be used that way but each demon gets so many
Chaos reward cards that basically you could use all your Chaos reward cards
to protect one unit. Now we all know they were designed also to enhance the
Chaos support cards too. But how many people use them that way? I think it
is fair to let the demon use the number of Chaos reward cards it generates
for a save but not all the combined cards of the respective Chaos army. Let
me know what you think. This might make it fairer for other players and give
the Chaos player the real option of actually using the cards for the
faithful and loyal minions of evil.

Darius Spano

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