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Don't they follow the rules for flyers since they fall in the flyers phase,
meaning only AA units may fire at them? I'm not sure one way or the other?

>Well, if you read the rules you will see the drop pods come down in the
>flyer phase, But, I would think that they would be harder to hit then a -1
>for snap fire. In the SM editdion they were free now its not worth taking
>them, at 300 pts or 350 pts for Space Wolves, witch I play. I use the drop
>pods, for it is in the SW's nature to get to grips as fast as possible, and
>they talk bout Ragnar the wolves leader jumping out of his drop pod in the
>codex book. So I play them, but, they have been getting shot to bits latly.
>For all first fire blast them to bits, or not all open. So I feel a -2 to
>hit when droping, for they will be falling out of the sky pretty fast, AND
>put them back as a FREE CARD. If you can give the Eldar the all mighty
>Avatar for free ( CHEESY ) then give the SM's there drop pods for free.

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