[NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 18:41:50 -0700

I don't like making drop pods free again. They raise the units break point,
allow the unit to deploy almost anywhere, and can even provide additional
fire support!

I can see lowering the points (especially since they do replace the Rhinos)
but not adding more penalties to hit.


> Well, if you read the rules you will see the drop pods come down in the
> flyer phase, But, I would think that they would be harder to hit then
a -1
> for snap fire. In the SM editdion they were free now its not worth taking
> them, at 300 pts or 350 pts for Space Wolves, witch I play. I use the drop
> pods, for it is in the SW's nature to get to grips as fast as possible,
> they talk bout Ragnar the wolves leader jumping out of his drop pod in the
> codex book. So I play them, but, they have been getting shot to bits
> For all first fire blast them to bits, or not all open. So I feel a -2 to
> hit when droping, for they will be falling out of the sky pretty fast, AND
> put them back as a FREE CARD. If you can give the Eldar the all mighty
> Avatar for free ( CHEESY ) then give the SM's there drop pods for free.
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> Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 1:15 AM
> Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Chaos and Drop Pods
> >I like the idea of Wounds for Chaos Daemons.
> >
> >Drop pods I've never really used - tend to get eaten by AA fire. Plus how
> do
> >you propose we integrate them into the rest of the flyer phase? Surely
> >aircraft can get a crack at them.
> >
> >I still don't like the idea that firing Deathstrikes gives your opponent
> >VPs. With off-board support you are paying a good discount for the
> >POSSIBILITY to use an strike. With Deathstrikes you already (supposedly)
> >bought a fair priced unit thats on the board already.
> >
> >Plus it does nothing to counter the 3 warp missile cheese. I say either
> >let them have those missiles (And I think they are rarer then even 1 per
> >planet) or let them only have 1 specialty missile (sounds fine to me).
> >the crawlers remain in play after firing.
> >
> >Kenneth
> >
> >--------------------------------------
> >
> >I agree Drop pods cost too much. They should be worth 200 pts. The
> >and the firing weaponry included are worth a little more but they don't
> >always open and can be shot down. The pods give a higher break point but
> >again easily shot down and don't always open. 200 points is fair.
> >
> >One of my friends plays Chaos and he always uses his Chaos cards to save
> his
> >demons. I know that they can be used that way but each demon gets so many
> >Chaos reward cards that basically you could use all your Chaos reward
> >to protect one unit. Now we all know they were designed also to enhance
> >Chaos support cards too. But how many people use them that way? I think
> >is fair to let the demon use the number of Chaos reward cards it
> >for a save but not all the combined cards of the respective Chaos army.
> >me know what you think. This might make it fairer for other players and
> give
> >the Chaos player the real option of actually using the cards for the
> >faithful and loyal minions of evil.
> >
> >Darius Spano
> >
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