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From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 17:29:26 +0000


Digiboy wrote:

> D10 is a bit problematic, I think since any players of version 2, or other
> GW games are going to have D6. I recommend staying with D6 for universality
> and simplicity. I would also recommend/request that basing standards be
> somewhat optional. Otherwise those of us with older armies would have to
> break done some of our old square-based stands.

I understand you're condern, but the reason why GW games don't seem to work very
well is precisely because they hang on to the outdated "D6" for everything
systems. No major good system out there: warzone, DSII, Tactical stike, etc uses
a D6 as its sole die. The problem with the D6 is that modifiers are too
powerful. A +1 to a d10 is a help but the same to a D6 just throws it out of
balance. Also how different is a save of 6 to 5? A d10 or d20 gives a wider
spread to play with mechanics wise.

The main reason for me doing this new system besides getting other perks into it
is precisely to change the static d6 system. Of course you could argue to why
not use a d20 instead. Any suggestions or why to do it would be well recieved.

Basing should be giving as guidelines, since if it is too restrictive it will
turn people away from the game.

> Otherwise I love the ideas I am seeing on this. I have a huge Chaos/Chaos
> Squat army I put together about 4 years ago and am dying to play again.

Cool! Its always nice to see someone motivated to play again!

> Anyone out there in the Cincinnati area playing NetEpic?

One would be surprised in how many places epic crops up nowadays. Heck on e of
the list members is running a league for net epic!

The key things is to have initiative and create a gaming base even if theres
currently not one. Its a little work but the payoff can be very fulfilling.


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