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From: kevin ludwig <sj_khorne_at_...>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 15:15:18 -0700 (PDT)

he is right about the d10 thing , but then you cant wander to far from
space marine because that would ruin the game and make it tougher for
newer people to understand .

I agree that the initive system needs change though . I find that epic
40k's is accually very good and simple , rather than a d6 or d10 . Also
I think that the objectives in E40k are much better and well thought
out ( i expecialy like the morale system , as you dont have to be
winning the battle to win . ) and think that it should be incorperated
in to Netepic .

--- Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...> wrote:
> Hi!
> Digiboy wrote:
> > D10 is a bit problematic, I think since any
> players of version 2, or other
> > GW games are going to have D6. I recommend staying
> with D6 for universality
> > and simplicity. I would also recommend/request
> that basing standards be
> > somewhat optional. Otherwise those of us with
> older armies would have to
> > break done some of our old square-based stands.
> I understand you're condern, but the reason why GW
> games don't seem to work very
> well is precisely because they hang on to the
> outdated "D6" for everything
> systems. No major good system out there: warzone,
> DSII, Tactical stike, etc uses
> a D6 as its sole die. The problem with the D6 is
> that modifiers are too
> powerful. A +1 to a d10 is a help but the same to a
> D6 just throws it out of
> balance. Also how different is a save of 6 to 5? A
> d10 or d20 gives a wider
> spread to play with mechanics wise.
> The main reason for me doing this new system besides
> getting other perks into it
> is precisely to change the static d6 system. Of
> course you could argue to why
> not use a d20 instead. Any suggestions or why to do
> it would be well recieved.
> Basing should be giving as guidelines, since if it
> is too restrictive it will
> turn people away from the game.
> > Otherwise I love the ideas I am seeing on this. I
> have a huge Chaos/Chaos
> > Squat army I put together about 4 years ago and am
> dying to play again.
> Cool! Its always nice to see someone motivated to
> play again!
> > Anyone out there in the Cincinnati area playing
> NetEpic?
> One would be surprised in how many places epic crops
> up nowadays. Heck on e of
> the list members is running a league for net epic!
> The key things is to have initiative and create a
> gaming base even if theres
> currently not one. Its a little work but the payoff
> can be very fulfilling.
> Peter
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