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From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 19:37:29 +0000


Kutasi Zolt´┐Żn wrote:

> I've started to build up a chaos army.
> I have a few ideas about the army construction, (which is limited by the
> lack of metal minis) but i would like to ask the opinion of chaos players
> and opponents about what kind of army do you have or fight against.
> What kind of greater daemons and primarchs do you prefer?

I guess Magnus is amongst the more popular ones due to his beam of power,
very handy for destroying super heavy tanks and buildings. Second in line is
probably moratarion, with some average luck he can decimate very large troop

> What forces do you base your army?

I divide chaos into two army types: cult army and chaos marine army. The cult
army has a lot of minitaurs and trolls with beatmen and all sorts of demons.
The chaos marine army looks a lot like a regular marine army with land
raiders, rhinos and dreadnoughts. Itend to favor chaos marine armies since it
gives me the power of a marine army with the awesome magic of chaos.

> What are the strengths and weaknesses of chaos?
> (It seems for me that chaos is a close combat oriented army.)

Depends. If you use thechaos marine based army with titan support you may
actually have a good army for long ranged shooting and close combat. If
demons are your liking you must find ways to close the gap between the enemy
and your troops, chaos magic helps but the use of cover is paramount.

Your strength are your chaos cards use them wisely. Dont hold on them to save
your greater demons when they may be used to secure objectives elsewhere.

Your greatest liability is lack of realiable long ranged firepower and

> What are the 'must' units?

Depends on what chaos power you like the most:

khorne: bloodletters
tzeentch: pink horrors
nurgle: plague bearers
slaneesh: demonettes.

> Right now i have all the greater daemons and primarchs, lots of plastic
> (thanks to Dan :-), and a few metal daemon infantry. What else do i need?

Demon engines are nice especially tower of skulls and a few cannons of khorne
wont hurt either.



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