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From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 10:17:21 +0000


Francois Bruntz wrote:

> Salut � tous,
> I've recently decided to play some battles with NetEpic and as we (my
> opponent and I) had a lot of fun with it we will certainly go on playing
> with this system.
> We are curently playing a campaign (Chronicles of the Cruel Wars) and I was
> wondering if there was a NetEpic experience system for titans (honnours of
> battle, experience points, etc...) or do you use the SM/TL one?

In Incoming! issue number 3 the continuation of the experience system started in
issue number two will appear and that has the titan experience rules, plus titan
missions. If you'd like I can send you the whole thing in word format.

> In addition, did someone think about Squat War Engines and Tyranids? Do they
> have such an experience system?

Tyranids and Squats have experience rules in th same aritlce in Incoming! #2. As
for the large super heavy vehicles they do not have a system yet, but if you
have any ideas we would like to hear them.




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