[NetEpic ML] Ork Taktiks

From: Francois Bruntz <fbruntz_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 07:43:46 PDT

Salut � tous,

My next NetEpic battle will see the confrontation between Eldars of the
Alcarinqu� Craftworld and Orks of the Waaagh Grosbill.
I will play Orks but they are not my main army (Iron Wolves Chapter) and I
don't know anything about their strong and weak points. In addition I don't
have a large collection of Ork figs...
You've understood that I need some advice. :)

This is what my army will look like (don't forget that I only use figs that
I own) :

   - Bad Moon Clan
        - Big Boss Punch Grosbill + bodyguards
        - Shock Attack Gunz
        - Pulsa Rokkits

   - Goff Clan
        - Great Gargant Kaboum
        - Stompers (mini gargants?)
        - Bikeboyz (is it correct to attach bikeboyz to a Goff Clan?)

I don't know how many points all this cost but this will certainly be the
main forces of my Waaagh.
What do you think about this (except that it will be a challenge to try to
win this such a force :)?
Is there a good a way to use Pulsa Rokkits?

Merci d'avance.

Francois Bruntz


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