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Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 08:33:29 +1000

>Salut � tous,


>My next NetEpic battle will see the confrontation between Eldars of the
>Alcarinqu� Craftworld and Orks of the Waaagh Grosbill.
>I will play Orks but they are not my main army (Iron Wolves Chapter) and I
>don't know anything about their strong and weak points. In addition I don't
>have a large collection of Ork figs...
>You've understood that I need some advice. :)

Easily done!

>This is what my army will look like (don't forget that I only use figs that
>I own) :
> - Bad Moon Clan
> - Big Boss Punch Grosbill + bodyguards
> - Shock Attack Gunz
> - Pulsa Rokkits

My advice with Bad Moonz: use 'em like Devastators. Find two or three
objectives they can reach in a turn or two of moving, get them into
position and then just sit and shoot anything that moves. They ARE short
ranged, but get them further onto the battlefield and they will have a good
change of having something in range to shoot.

The Shokks will give you great cover from any tough units as they are great
at holding up armoured units and preventing them from firing. The
line-of-sight range is superb so they need good firing positions in the
first turn or two of the game.

I'd use your boss to lead a remote unit or to charge into the enemy lines
and butcher them with superior CC ability and superior firepower. It MAY
be prudent to use the Warboss to lead the Bad Moonz and let the Bad Moon
Nobs control your artillery section (Shokks and Pulsa Rokkits) so that your
artillery can be firing fromt he first turn. Set them up as best you can
so as to get maximum fire time out of them!

Pulsa Rokkits are a real mixed blessing. They can win the battle for you
but they can also be next to useless. The trick is to point them where you
want them to go and then loading them with the right amount of fuel. And
don't just use them to kill the enemy. They are just as useful to deny an
area of the battlefield to the enemy. Remember that the Pula Rokkit
template is Impassable terrian to everything but Titans, and even they find
it diffcult and damaging. So they can be used to deny an objective until
the generator burns out. Nifty, eh? But at 250pts, I find them expnsive
and would rather use the points on other things (like a Weirdboy Battle
Tower and Dragsta). But that's me.

> - Goff Clan
> - Great Gargant Kaboum
> - Stompers (mini gargants?)
> - Bikeboyz (is it correct to attach bikeboyz to a Goff Clan?)

Goffs are great at one thing: Close Combat. They are also pretty good at
one other thing: short-range shooting. I don't like Goffs as EVERY time I
have used them in CC against any foe, weaker or more powerful, they get
slaughtered. I don't know why but they do. So I'm not real keen on them.
Your biggest problem with using your Goffs is the fact that they are on
foot. It will take them ages to get anywhere. If you have any
Battlewagons lying around, get them ready and use them to transport the
ladz into CC where they can do the most damage. Otherwise, use heaps of
cover to make them hard to hit or they are just going to get shot to pieces
as they advance on the enemy.

Great Gargants are just that: GREAT! They are tough, big and smashy. With
plenty of guns and the ability to soak up a lot of fire, use this with
reckless impunity. Use it for what it was designed: Stompin' an' smashin'!
 They rock. USe it to give you Bad Moons long-range supporting fire. And
don't forget to load you Gutbusta. Its a terrific gun. Especially the
Ball round which is perfect for wasting Eldar Titans as the holofield won't
protect it. The -4 save of the ball will take out even the strongest Eldar
Titan leg and then watch the sodding thing fall over. Wonderful! Ignore
the Chain shot, its next to useless. But the High Explosive shot is a
wonder too. I've destroyed an entire windrider host with it and taken out
a titan into the bargain. Its great.

Stompas rock too. They are tough, Superheavy and carry some great guns.
Use them support you Bad Moons or to give cover to the Goffs as they trek
across the field. Stompas can take a bit of punishment and can soak up
some fire too. But they rock in an assault and their gunz kick butt.

Your problem with the Bikers is that they are the fastest thing in your
army, but they have no one to lead them. Thus, they will go out of command
really easily. Call them Nobz Warbikes and they quickly become a great
investment as they are hard in CC, don't need to be lead, shoot very well
(if short ranged) and can be used as mobile command. I swear by Nobs Warbikes.

>I don't know how many points all this cost but this will certainly be the
>main forces of my Waaagh.
>What do you think about this (except that it will be a challenge to try to
>win this such a force :)?

I can be done. Just remember that your Goff are very vulenrable and that
to win, you need to hold objectives. Eldar are fast, so don't try to
out-maneuver him. Just take your objectives and hold them at all costs.
If you have more than him and break his stuff first (Eldar are fragile)
you're in with a great chance.

For your army, you need more troops. I know you have a limited selection,
but try and squeeze in more stuff if you can. Battlewagonz for the Goffs
would be good, or failing that more Boyz. The more you have, the longer
the clan will take to break. It takes a lot to break a huge Ork clan with
hefty reinforcements and that is the key to the strength of the Orks.
Break them before they break you and hold enough objectives, and you can
win a huge victory before the other player knows what has happened.

"Strength in numbers" is the key to winning with the Orks. And most of
their firepower is short-ranged so don't get caught in a long-ranged
firefight. You will lose.

>Is there a good a way to use Pulsa Rokkits?

See above.

>Merci d'avance.

My pleasure. Go da boyz!


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