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From: Francois Bruntz <fbruntz_at_...>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 07:01:08 PDT

Roberto a �crit :

>But the programs are intended for hexed wargames, so some changes should be
>made, like allowing only one unit per hex, etc. Each hex represents 5 cm.

I don't know if allowing only one unit per hex is so necessary. If an hex
represents 5cm you can imagine that about two units (infantry or vehicles,
not super heavies and titans) can move on the same hex.

>Another problem is the hidden counters and cards, like Netepic orders.
>you could trust in your opponent about the cards, but orders are seen as
>placed, so I think Epic 40K is best suited for email playing than Netepic
>(and it's more turn-oriented).

I don't understand your problem about the cards, do speak about army cards
or special Chaos/Tyranid/Ork cards? I guess you speak about the last ones. I
think you can trust your opponent or there is a way to check that he doesn't
shit : he can send a word document protected with a password and where there
is the list of his cards. After the battle he sends the password and his
opponent can check that all is right.
For orders there are 3 options :
   - Epic 40k option : give the orders when a detachment act. I don't know
if this is possible with the NetEpic game system
   - Do not hide orders.
   - Use the same way than the special cards. At the beginning of the turn
each player sends a password protect document with the orders of each of his
detachments. It is not a light option but it can work, I think.

I don't know if Epic 40k will easier to adapt than NetEpic.

Francois Bruntz


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