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From: John Laws <johnlaws35_at_...>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 15:03:19 GMT

I found this on the net where they pay you to surf the net yes I get paid to
surf the Web. Really!
I recently ran across AllAdvantage.com, a brand-new company that pays its
members to surf the Web - and they�ve been paying out hundreds of thousands
of dollars to members for two months now. The average member check for
August was $47.77! Not too shabby for surfing you�d be doing anyway.
What�s the catch? No catch�to earn money you agree to give up a little space
on your desktop for a message window�called a Viewbar�that delivers
information about products and services available online.
AllAdvantage.com is for real:
In September they raised the hours they pay to 25 per month. Some
AllAdvantage.com members will earn well over $1,000 EACH in September alone.
AllAdvantage.com just completed a deal for $31 million in venture capital
funding from some of the savviest investors in the industry. They�re putting
their money on a winner!
The sooner you join, the sooner you�ll get paid. Please use my referral ID
number (emt066), because I get paid when you sign up and surf. Be sure to
tell all your friends who use the Internet�the more referrals we get, the
more money we can earn. You can sign up with AllAdvantage.com right away at
This is a really great deal with no strings attached! And us in the UK can
sign up for it!!!Check it out
John Laws
Member ID# emt066

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