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From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:42:53 +0100

Hi everybody,

my name is Stefano and I live in Como (near switzerland) in Italy, I'm new
to the list, but I had been a net epic/epic player for a long time (ten
years). Recently I started again to play this game with a friend hoping to
promote the game to other members of my games association.
I usually play with the armies of eldars, squats & orks, I have a LOTS of
miniatures hoping, one day, to field thousand of points on the table.
In this days I started again to download new materials from the site and in
particular the new air rules (incoming 1-3). Some yeas ago I played my first
net epic games using air power and I was disappointed for his power, the
players started to buy TONS of air unit and the sky was full of them, the
poor "terran" were afraid and unable to do anything other then die. The
games were a continuous escalation were the quotas of air points spent
growed day after day.
Now I hope that the new rules will avoid this trouble, the air weapons range
is limited, the scatter for target, the point cost and the "powerfull" AA
should deny the past problems.
Next saturday I will start a new games, after years, and I wish to know if
anybody has tried the new rules and I will appreciate if someone could
explain his thought about.
Another question regarding the past epic squats army list (SM/TL); there
were I battle group card called DOOMENVIL, a combination of a Colossus HQ &
two cyclops. Now I don't see the card in net epic, I thing that, as groups
are avaibles to other armies, while squats one is missing, Could you explain
me that?
Hoping for future questions and answers.

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