[NetEpic ML] R: presentation

From: Bernasconi Davide <Bernasconi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:52:56 +0200

> my name is Stefano and I live in Como (near switzerland) in
> Italy, I'm new
> to the list, but I had been a net epic/epic player for a long
> time (ten
> years). Recently I started again to play this game with a
> friend hoping to
> promote the game to other members of my games association.

Hi to everybody number 2, just a short addenda the last presentation e-mail.
My name is Davide Bernasconi and I'm the friend of Stefano! Both of us
started playing with the very first edition of epic and now we are trying to
play again with NetEpic in our association.

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