[NetEpic ML] Re: Heresy Playtest Notes

From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 01:42:44 PST

>Finally got to play Heresy tonight. It was an interesting battle because
>this was the first game of Heresy I have played and the first epic-style
>game he has played.

Im gonna fight out a similar battle today except that I have played heresy a
few times

>1) Close combat is insanely deadly, especially if both sides get a Morale
>shift (it gets REALLY ugly).

Right, but then again it really should be...

>3) We assumed movement was divided into segments like NetEpic (ie all Strat
>moves then Assault then Advance). But this is not really explicitely

i think it should be just 1 move phase...dividing into smaller segments
after orders get tiresome

>6) Must open-sheaf templates touch? We assumed yes.

Sounds ok....but of course I dont know

>12) Do supporting units need a line of sight to lend support? We said yes
>they do. Worked fine.

Actually i think that hurling grenades, sneaking forward and snapfiring at
enemies, small mortars and auxiliary grenade launchers should be enough to
allow support even without LOS

>17) When do firearcs come into play? Are they as restrictive as the Adeptus
>Titanicus ones? We assumed yes but it's very vague.

i think they should be left out alltogether

>We were losing 2-3 Land Raiders every volley. Especially since we strictly
>enfored the side/back armor rules and detailed fire arcs.

i suggest limiting side armor to -1

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