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Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 01:47:34 PST

Hi everybody....i got some stuff concerning heresy....

The description of frenzied assault in the ork list refers to marines???
This ought to be corrected.

The ork land raider still have 2 heavy bolters�..

The rules for madboyz should be placed under special units rather than under
line units since they are special units.

Why do marine rocket launches, thudd guns and mole mortars have firepower
dice when the melta-bombs, AA-guns and all ork artillery stuff have a number
of barrage points here? I thought that all artillery weapons had a firepower
of 1?

Why are ork battlewagons light units?? They surely seem as an armoured unit
if ya look at the old model. I presume that you are thinking of the old 40K

The point difference between the two battle fortresses are quite small
considering that you get 3 extra battlecannon, transport capacity and
increased assault.

How big are the flame and artillery templates?

When do you do any psychic cards and wargear cards? (Good idea with wargear
by the way. Psychic cards on the other hand might go a bit too much into
detail. Allowing the tremendous bonusses in assaults and perhaps a generic
psychic attack might be enough??)

Why not put the assault phase AFTER the advance fire phase. Otherwise
consider tyranids. They would charge in, slaughter their enemy and get blown
away right after�with the high lethality of most weapons this makes assault
troops very vulnerable and rather useless.

I would prefer if the ork weapons had more orky names. I have made a list of
interesitng orky weapon names for you to use and abuse. Of course it might
just cause too much confusion but at least consider it. I have always hated
the idea of orks using imperial bolters.

The list: shooter, slugga, big shoota, slug chukka, blasta, rippa, �uge
shoota, kannon, dakka, gunz, big gunz, �eavy gunz, zap gun.

Shouldn�t terminators be tank killers? They walk around with power fists and
chainfist�that makes for very good anti-tank potential.

I have an idea called �advantage�. To represent that war is almost never
fought on equal terms let both players roll 1d10. The one getting the LOWEST
roll can multiply the roll by 2-5 (Dont know exactly) and get that many
percent extra points to buy his army for. How ya like that? (This is not
intended strictly for Heresy rule but rather an optional add-on for any
point-based wargame)

Remember to update the point cost formula with the new ork stuff and
whatever wicked marine stuff I write and you accept.

The IG stuff looks fine so far�.but shouldn't super heavy tanks be immune to
suppression? Otherwise the poor super heavies will never get to move.
Actually all units with a damage rating bigger than 1 should be immune to
supression except by units with a similar or higher damage rating.

After talking to a few of my friends who are soldiers and after playtesting
Heresy i strongly suggest that the "anti-armor fire" rule I suggested a
while ago is used. The rule state that a unit armed purely with
anti-infantry weapons may fire as an all-purpose weapon but at -2 to hit and
only at short range.

Anyway, attached to this mail is a bunch of files i've been writing on.

It contains the stuff for the variant space marines (dark angels, blood
angels, white scars, imperial fists and space wolves) the first chaos army
list (chaos marines) and the Spec Op's codex which cntains rare and variant
units. it is in no way complete but I just wanted to send a bit so you can
see how I intend to do it.

Hope to hear from everyone interested in giving some feedback.....

Happy wars

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