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Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 16:58:29 +0000


Kelvin defender of orks everywhere hear this....

heheh, I can agree partially with you, ork image has been stoopifyd (pun
intended) in recent times. Tell you what I'll leave the original names and
place orky names in parenthesis besides them, then those who wish to ignore
them can and those who like them can enjoy them. How that? I'm not much for PC
things but this sounds good.


Kelvin wrote:

> This is the last I will say on this subject to avoid taking up valuable
> electrons. Its a trivial subject I just feel the need to make comment on.
> My apologies to those of you who are sick of hearing about it.
> >I like the new orky names. And i dont think it makes the orks stupid, they
> >are jsut a bit shortminded and dont ponder why their weapon shoot or what
> >kind of technical things make it do so, it shoots and thats enough.
> Granted, I can accept this, but the names still sound stupid. "Slugga",
> "Shoota"!?! Sounds perverted if you ask me. And it really doesn't fit
> with the original background of the Orks which is what the AT and SM/TL
> Orks were based on anyways.
> Orks had very few original ideas when it came to weapons. A
> genetically-bred warrior race made to serve the "BrainBoyz" (the Snotlings,
> long story), they were designed to use whatever tech they came across for
> use in battle, but with the ability to try and improve them as well as some
> unique weapon designs being included in the MekBoy genetic memory. As a
> result, they copied most of their weapons from the other races of the
> galaxy. Orks have most contact with Humans, so the main weapons they
> copied came from Humans. As they copied the weapons, so they bastardised
> the names the Humans use for them.
> So THAT'S why I don't like the newer names for them. I think they sound
> stupid and for me it just doesn't fit with the "Orky 'istree". 'Nuff sed.
> -Kelvin....
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