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wilding k <kwild-_at_...> wrote:
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> > I just finished my fourth army (chaos) and I would like to collect
> > in the near future, hoping to find them via mail order. I never
> > someone speaking about them so I would like to know if some in the
net play
> > them and can give me some hints if this will be a good choice for a
> > army.
> Stef - ahh, you've finished with the soft flesh kindergarten armies
> decided to move on to a REAL army? *grin*
> They're probably the most exotic of the armies, especially as they
> hold objectives, and are great to paint (an excuse to use the pink and
> turquoises that just doesn't look right on a commisar).
> Even if you lose a battle, you'll have a laugh watching your opponent
> breaking out in a cold sweat as the mycetic spores start dropping, the
> heiorphant just came back from the dead AGAIN and the first of your
> genestealers have reached his/her lines.
> On the face of it, there don't seem to be many tactics involved, but
> there are plenty of subtleties.
> AND NetEpic has retained the full range of 'vehicles' and not lumped
> them together as 'assault spawn'.
> Yes, I'd recommend 'bugs'.
> Anyone out there pitted biotitans against Imperators? I've never had
> chance so far. Oh, and anyone on the list from Essex, UK?
> Karl

Hi there,

Well, not quite Essex, but North London. I've just started
re-collecting Epic again after several years with other wargames. You
wouldn't happen to know of anyone looking to offload any Imperial Guard
troops. It seems that getting hold of 2 edition Epic stuff is pretty
difficult in the UK. Get in contact should you fancy a game....

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