[NetEpic ML] Re: tyranids army

From: Wilding K <kwildi_at_...>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 12:27:14 +0000

> I just finished my fourth army (chaos) and I would like to collect tyranids
> in the near future, hoping to find them via mail order. I never heard
> someone speaking about them so I would like to know if some in the net play
> them and can give me some hints if this will be a good choice for a new
> army.

Stef - ahh, you've finished with the soft flesh kindergarten armies and
decided to move on to a REAL army? *grin*

They're probably the most exotic of the armies, especially as they don't
hold objectives, and are great to paint (an excuse to use the pink and
turquoises that just doesn't look right on a commisar).

Even if you lose a battle, you'll have a laugh watching your opponent
breaking out in a cold sweat as the mycetic spores start dropping, the
heiorphant just came back from the dead AGAIN and the first of your
genestealers have reached his/her lines.

On the face of it, there don't seem to be many tactics involved, but
there are plenty of subtleties.

AND NetEpic has retained the full range of 'vehicles' and not lumped
them together as 'assault spawn'.

Yes, I'd recommend 'bugs'.

Anyone out there pitted biotitans against Imperators? I've never had the
chance so far. Oh, and anyone on the list from Essex, UK?

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