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>I was wondering about using Thunderhawks in my Chaos army, but my friend who
>is using SM he refuse to play if the are used in Chaos Army.

That's very narrow-minded of him. Tell him to think of it as a challenge....

But this all depends on who you talk to. IIRC, the Thunderhawks weren't
designed and built for the Marines until after the Horus Heresy, so
therefore the Chaos Marines who defected at the time of the Heresy would
not have them or use them. So for that argument you can say "No, they can't".

But many, many Marine Chapters have become "corrupted" [personally I prefer
the term "enlightened" ;-)] by the forces of Chaos since the Horus Heresy
and take all their gear with them, so you can say "Yes, they can".

>Any thougths about that?

A house rule we came up with at our local gaming club was this:

For every MINION CARD of Chaos Marines in the Chaos army, Chaos may take a
Thunderhawk Gunship as a Minion Card. It may ONLY carry Marines and only
the Marines represented by Minion Cards. This represents more recently
corrupted Marines using their equipment for the battle. It helps to cut
down on the number of Thunderhawks in the Chaos army and prevents them
being abused in conjunction with the Primarch-Legion Marines' Special Powers.

On a similar vein, another house rule we used concerned corrupted Imperial
Guard troops and Chaos Cultists:

For every Minion Card of Chaos Cultists in the army, the Chaos player could
take up to 500 points in Imperial Guard Support Cards as Minion Cards.
Thsi rpresents the corrupted Guardsmen brining some of their equipment for
use in the battle.

Hope that helps a little.


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