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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 09:12:04 +1100

At 06:50 PM 11/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>a BIG "Hallo" to all listers. I am a new subscriber from Italy, and after
>some day of simple reading, I decided to introduce myself to the list.
>My name is Andrea and I am 22. I play Epic since 1993, but sadly in the last
>months my friends left me alone and devoted themselves to 40K and Fantsy,
>games I also play, but my love goes to Epic.

Welcome, welcome, welcome! The more the merrier! I hope you enjoy the
discussions here.

>I play Squats. I have not an enormous army, but is a winning army, featuring
>lots of Iron Eagles, three Overlords and a Clolossus which form my core
>unit, always present in my battles.

Heh. One of these days I'll end up playing against a Squat army WITHOUT a
Colossus in it. ;-)

<Begin Shameless Plug>

As a BTW to all the people on the list who enquired about purchasing of
Squat miniatures from me all those millions of years ago, I haven't
forgotten about you all! I promised to find out costs for postage but have
been too busy to do so, sorry. With the Christmas break almost here, I
will have more free time.

So, if anyone is still interested in purchasing some metal Epic Squat
miniatures that I have for sale, please let me know via PRIVATE email.
Even if you expressed interest before when I first made the announcement,
please mail me again so I can be sure that you're still interested. A list
of the miniatures going for sale is available on request.

<End Shameless Plug>

My apologies to those of you who did not wish to read this.


         "Of course I'm paranoid!
       Everyone's trying to kill me."
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