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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 18:59:18 +0100

Marvin Zepkowski wrote:
> Let's be serious, if one army can have it others will
> be able to come up with it. HOUSE RULES is the key.
> I've played epic since it came out with armies growing
> larger and more complex. Many of my Cornell and Ithaca
> College friends helped design house rules to make
> changes that gave a wider berth to all armies within
> the confines of the original rules which WD managed to
> change periodically anyway. We always had a group so
> we would write up a prospective rule then vote on it
> add it to the house rules once passed. The
> modifications we made were easily incorporated into
> the game. ie. change the t-hawk shots to more closly
> follow chaos weaps. It is my feeling that it will not
> change the game dramtically and can add to the
> excitement.
> Zoade, Game master Candor Guild.

Mmmh ok, then My Harlequins using "Acquisition" could have access to ANY
Engine in the Epic world, even T-Hawk ... really funny for about 200 pts
I get something really similar to the "Scythes of the emperor" special
card :o)

Lorenzo Canapicchi
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