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(flame on)
Are the Weirdboy BattleTowers still the ultimate super-cheap, super-powerful
unit in NetEpic like they were in Epic Space Marines? For a mere 100 points
you would get 6 - 8 shots that hit on a 2+ and had a -6 save modifier. What
a crock. Each one of these had more firepower than a Warlord Titan and it
was 1/9th the cost. If you couldn't win with Orks and their Weirdboy Towers
you couldn't win with anything.
(flame off)

Brian A. Evans

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While I don't trust 'em, dose Weirdboy Battletowerz is real
shooty! Just make sure youze has got plenty of protekshun for dem so da
enemy don't blow dem up (like a Dragsta to cover it) and dat youse got
enuff boyz ta power it


-Grand Warlord NobJobz
(a.k.a. Kelvin)

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