[NetEpic ML] Warhammer 40lk Minis for Epic

From: James Beadle <james_beadle_at_...>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 08:35:50 -0800

Hello Everyone!

   Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a golden age of gaming in my
life where not only did I have the money, but also the time to play the
various Games Workshop miniture games. I played Fantasy Battle (Orcs,
Undead, and High Elves), I played Warhammer 40k (All the armies... over a
thousand minis) and my true love, Epic (thousands of minis). Then I had
kids... enough said.
   No longer in a postion of either tons of money or time, I must choose
where I sqander both very carefully and have decided to do away with my
other mini games and concentrate on Epic. I've traded away or sold a lot of
my other mini armies, but still have some Undead and High Elf minis for
Fantasy, Nurgle, Eldar, Ultramarines, and Orcs for 40k (really big
Ultramarine and Orc armies). If anyone plays, or wants to play any of those
armies and has some Epic to trade, I'd rather do that than just sell the
stuff on Ebay (though that is my next step). The armies are old and consist
of Minatures you cant get anymore (Lead based rather than Pewter... and
there are some old dreadnoughts and small vehicles as well).
   I'm looking for old and new style great gargants, and vehicles for all
the armies (I have plenty of the plastic models such as raiders and rhinos
and such). Please let me know if a trade interests you and we will chat. :)

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