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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:43:45 +1100

>Hello everyone...

Hello to you too.

> Well I had my first game this evening in five years with a nice fellow I
>have just met and his friends (who were also very cool). It was an intense
>battle that ended in a draw as we had to break up (it was getting late). I
>fielded Eldar and he played Space Marines (2000pts each). I was introduced
>to Thunderhawks bearing assult troops, two Thunderhawks to be exact... wow!
>They dopped down on top of my eldar host and completely routed them. my
>infantry was cought in thier tanks and I was delivered a blow that I thought
>had lost me the game. As it was I trailed behind in victory points the whole
>game and never did catch up (meaning that my opponent technically won the
>battle). I was looking better near the end, having nearly broken both of his
>Battle Companies, but he was still ahead.

Harsh, my friend. Very harsh. Some advice on playing the newer versions
of Epic. Take aircraft and take AA guns. All armies in NetEpic have them
(except for the Tyranids and the Squats, they have good AA but don't have
aircraft) so they are well worth the purchase as they can protect your
forces from enemy aircraft as well as inflict impressive damage of their
own. The current version of NetEpic certainly provokes a combined arms

> When I was playing the game before this, way back in the "olden days"
>Thunderhawks weren't around. Are there any other fast attack units around
>like that which can transport such unusual quantities of troops into battle
>so swiftly??

Depends which version of Epic you are actually playing. If you are playing
Space Marine/Titan Legions then no, the Thunderchicken is the only
transport of its kind (with the Tyranid's Harridan coming kinda close). If
you are playing NetEpic (or the horrendous Epic 40,000), then yes! The
Eldar have the Vampire transport which is kinda like the Eldar version of
the Thunderchicken.


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