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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 23:17:43 PST

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>Subject: [NetEpic ML] Warhammer 40lk Minis for Epic
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>Hello Everyone!
> Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a golden age of gaming in my
>life where not only did I have the money, but also the time to play the
>various Games Workshop miniture games. I played Fantasy Battle (Orcs,
>Undead, and High Elves), I played Warhammer 40k (All the armies... over a
>thousand minis) and my true love, Epic (thousands of minis). Then I had
>kids... enough said.
> No longer in a postion of either tons of money or time, I must choose
>where I sqander both very carefully and have decided to do away with my
>other mini games and concentrate on Epic. I've traded away or sold a lot of
>my other mini armies, but still have some Undead and High Elf minis for
>Fantasy, Nurgle, Eldar, Ultramarines, and Orcs for 40k (really big
>Ultramarine and Orc armies). If anyone plays, or wants to play any of those
>armies and has some Epic to trade, I'd rather do that than just sell the
>stuff on Ebay (though that is my next step). The armies are old and consist
>of Minatures you cant get anymore (Lead based rather than Pewter... and
>there are some old dreadnoughts and small vehicles as well).
> I'm looking for old and new style great gargants, and vehicles for all
>the armies (I have plenty of the plastic models such as raiders and rhinos
>and such). Please let me know if a trade interests you and we will chat. :)

Which country do you live in????

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