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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 18:25:46 +0000


<groan> pinning questions and how to resolve close combat involving special
figs like medics are always a pain. I recommend the following solutions:

1. According to the original epic rules the player with numeric superiority
gets to resolve the combat how he sees fit. Meaning the marine player can
elect that the medic combat be held last. This is by far the best solution
since it doen't need player consensus. You either have the most or you dont.

2. Resolve close combat in any manner, but always apply the medics bonus
since close combat is simultaneous. Logical, but always argued over.

3. Alsways resolve combat involving special models last. Least defensable.

Take from me whose been around the epic block more than once. the first is
by far the way to go, since as I said no one can argue much after the count
is made, this also makes it in the players interest ot feed more units into
combat if special figs are involved.

As for the damage after firing. It is immediate and results are applied the
nand there, meaning that a unit that has been hit and destroyed gets no
chance to retailiate.

As far as time scale...well.. you may have opened an interesting venue of
discussion, GW games are notorious for having NO SCALE period, no time, no
ground and no model to actual troop ratio. GW unfortunately is not known for
its inventiveness in this arena. Then again the question would be what
SHOULD the scale be. It will be interesting to see the responses.

As for army size and moving last an optional rule that the winner gets to
move ONE unit las regardless of army size has been thrown around and
probably accepted by most. I suggest you use it since it makes winning
initiative worth some thing from that perspective.

By the way feel free to ask as many questions as possible since this is the
way netepic grows and gets better.


warprat_at_... wrote:

> Hi Group,
> I have a Close Combat question for all you expert Net Epic gamers.
> Five Eldar jet bikes engage a Marine Medic in close combat. Later in
> the same turn, the marines counter attack with rhinos into the same
> close combat. The stands in contact now resemble this:
> 3 rhinos vs. 1 bike
> 2 rhinos vs. 1 bike
> 1 rhino vs. 1 bike
> 2 rhino vs. 1 bike
> no rhino vs. 1 bike
> All the bikes are in contact with the medic.
> How should this be resolved? Does the Marine player get to select
> which of his
> pieces rolls first, so he can possibly save the medic, or does the
> Eldar choose
> since he originally attacked the medic?
> Also, one more question.
> Both sides alternate detachments during a firing segment. Is the
> damage applied immediatly, or is all firing simultaneous? What is the
> time scale in Net Epic?
> OK, just one more tiny question.
> One army has a large number of units, the other side few. The army with
> a few detachments won initiative and would like the last move. Is this
> possible?
> Or does the larger army always get the last move?
> Thanks a lot guys,
> Dave (From Portland Oregon, USA)
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