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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 18:28:36 +0000


Actually their are quite a few spread out through all the army lists:

Space marine and chaos -thunderhawk
Squats and Imperial guard- tunellers (netpeic rules make them worth taking)
Tyranids- harridan flyers (carries gargoyles)
Eldar- vampyre troop carrier
Orks- transport rokkit

So every race has effective ways of rapid deployment.


James Beadle wrote:

> Hello everyone...
> Well I had my first game this evening in five years with a nice fellow I
> have just met and his friends (who were also very cool). It was an intense
> battle that ended in a draw as we had to break up (it was getting late). I
> fielded Eldar and he played Space Marines (2000pts each). I was introduced
> to Thunderhawks bearing assult troops, two Thunderhawks to be exact... wow!
> They dopped down on top of my eldar host and completely routed them. my
> infantry was cought in thier tanks and I was delivered a blow that I thought
> had lost me the game. As it was I trailed behind in victory points the whole
> game and never did catch up (meaning that my opponent technically won the
> battle). I was looking better near the end, having nearly broken both of his
> Battle Companies, but he was still ahead.
> When I was playing the game before this, way back in the "olden days"
> Thunderhawks weren't around. Are there any other fast attack units around
> like that which can transport such unusual quantities of troops into battle
> so swiftly??
> James
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