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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 15:21:17 +1100

At 07:36 PM 11/15/99 -0500, Brian Evans wrote:

>3. They are largish targets.
>* They are as large as any tank, I have never known anyone who said it was
>ok to target gun barrels, banners etc, so you basically have to target the
>body anyway.

We always said it was O.K. to shoot if you could at least see the tower.
That's where the Weirdboy is and if that gets fragged, then the tower's
useless. Made sense to us.

(Oh, and for all you Imperial & Eldar Generals out there, the best way to
deal with Dragstas and what they are protecting is to use Mole Mortars or
Tremor/Vibro Cannons. As they travel under the ground, they bypass the
shield and the Dragsta and Weirdboy tower only have a 4+ save, so they are
fairly soft targets.)

>5. It is PART of the Bad Moonz boys mob. It is NOT a seperate unit!
>Therefore it follows the same orders as the rest of the boyz. Thus, to use
>its firepower you sometimes have to sacrifice the rest of the firepower of
>the Klan or sacrifice the Klan's mobility.
>* The weirdboy tower is a separate detachment card. It can have its own
>orders. The only purpose that clan has is to charge the Tower. Who cares
>what a bunch of ork stands are doing, they can only shoot out to 50cm and
>have weak guns, they are purely a power source for the Tower.

I think you'll find that you are wrong. In the original SM/TL Epic rules
the Weirdboy Tower was just like a card of Boyz, it joined the main Boyz
formation of the Klan to which it was attached. NetEpic carried this over
IIRC. So therefore the Tower CANNOT have its own orders as it is part of
the main Boyz formation.

As to your statement about expendable Boyz, I can understand your thinking
like that if the troops were Deathskullz, but Bad Moonz have great guns!
I've taken out uncountable numbers of tanks and quite a few Titans with my
Bad Moonz Klan! They rock! And in any case, I never play that the Boyz
are simply a power source for the Weirdboy. They cost me more than the
Weirdboy and are the core of my army. I try to use all the forces at my
disposal to their fullest. Why waste 400-500 points worth of troops?

>6. To get the really good firepower you need a helluva lot of orks around
>it, thus, bunching up your troops for some heavy barrages.
>* The power radius is quite large, you can still use max dispersion.

You need at least 20 Orks in a 25cm radius of the tower. That's more
bunched up than I like.

>7. To get the really good firepower you need a helluva lot of energy which
>pushes you into the danger zone for a "'Eadbang". This has a 1 in 6 chance
>of happening. I've lost LOTS of Orkz to that!
>* Yup, I am willing to trade a 1/6 chance of blowing up in exchange for 6
>superheavy tanks, 3 Squat Leviathons, 2 Warlord Titans etc.

Not when it loses me the battle. I agree the trade off is O.K., but many,
many times I've had the tower go up and take a big chunk of my army with
it, losing me a Klan and an objective or two. Hard to recover from that
kind of damage. And Superheavies are much tougher now with the damage
tables, so they are harder to take out with this thing.

>8. It is a Bad Moonz only unit meaning only the Bad Moonz and Deathskullz
>can take them, so they ended up being fairly rare anyways.
>* Yup, that is about a max of 2-3 per battle right?

I've only ever fielded two of them at a time. And they simply aren't as
effective as everyone thinks (especially now they cost you 200pts). Either
my enemy knew how to deal with them or something would go wrong.


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