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I will do a similar write up on my marine force tonight as I did on my Orc
force last night.
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>My Marine army consists of over a hundred marines (but I haven't really
>counted, or even looked at them in over two years (they are all painted up
>as ultramarines). I have no idea what they are worth, but I wouldn't part
>with them for less than $350.00 and would probably want more. I might be
>willing to sell units for less, but am really more interested in getting
>of them as a lot, a partial army is of no use to me. I might just sell them
>as units on ebay, I've been looking at what things seem to sell for on the
>warhammer 40k lists and am rather suprised at their value.

Hmmmm, could you give a list of what ya got???? 350 is a lot but it might be
worth it....


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