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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:11:55 +0000


Brian Evans wrote:

> I am reading the core rules for NetEpic right now.
> You will probably see many questions from me here
> in the next couple of weeks. (fair warning :-)
> I noticed under the section covering Close Combat
> you decided to stay with pinning by size. I like
> this rule. I did notice that skimmers are now a
> different size class than normal infantry/vehicles.
> 1. Titans/Praetorians
> 2. Super Heavy Vehicles/Knights
> 3. All other vehicles/Troop Stands
> 4. Skimmers
> Since skimmers are now considered to be smaller
> than infantry stands and tanks, it appears as
> though they can no longer pin ANY unit, except
> other skimmers. Was this the intention of the rule?

No skimmers can normally pin the categories of all other vehicles and troops
stands, but all other vehicles and troops stands can not pin it. Meaning a
jet bike can pin a rhino or tactical stand with no problem but the rhino and
tactical stand can not pin the jet bike. Skimmers are pinned by other
skimmers. The sentence preceding this rule is mislewading (another thing to
change). The skimmer category is at the end but not becuase its the smallest
but because its apart from other classes.

In summary only a skimmer can pin a skimmer and a skimmer can pin other
vehicle and infantry types but can not pin the really big models from other
categories no can they pin a skimmer (unless they happen to be a skimmer
too, note a tempest is super heavy and skimmer meaning there isnt much too
pin that particulat vehicle).

> It seems to me, that running away from skimmers
> would be extremely deadly for troops and normal
> vehicles. Think of how well medieval infantry
> did when they tried to disengage from Cavalry.

You are right and that what was reflected. In essence the skimmers form
their own category inside the other vehicles and infantry category, able to
pin but not be pinned. .

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