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>> > a 3+ on 1d6. Why do NetEpic make them so extremely hard. If keeping in
>> > with NetEpic's current saves they shouldn't get a save at all.
>>Easiest way would be to note that INFANTRY saves are different from
>>saves. That way infantry vs infantry would have saves but if they got hit
>>vehicle weapons...SPLOOSH! As an optional plugin to keep down the number
>>stats you could say infantry hit by vehicle weapons can save...but at
>>the normal target number. The vast majority of troops could be over
>>6..essentially making them mushed hamburger.. Termis and such could have
>>infantry saves which would mean they would still save on 6+. To balance
>>things and make them more "NetEpic" like infantry ignore vehicle weapon
>>modifiers (its harder to hit a grunt with a 120mm cannon then you might
>>think!) unless otherwise SPECIFICALLY noted.
>this sounds really reasonable.
>> > It is worth remembering that these weapons are often linked bolters or
>> > individual heavy bolters.
>> > I'd say that their range should be increased to 25 cm. or they should
>> > 5+. 25 cm. is propably the best solution
>>I agree they just blow. With a simple vehicle/infantry weapons
>>differentiation this could be easily fixed and not make bolters the tank
>>killers of choice they could otherwise turn into.
>>Err. This one little change would totally change the game in favor of the
>>Orks, Tyranids and Chaos. Not worth the hassle of redoing all the balance
>Perhaps, I havent plattested this but just considered it
>> > Unit revision:
>> > Some units seem out of hand. Especially the eldar exarchs. These guys
>> > move 40 cm and fire twice at 75 cm. range with a -2 modifier to saves.
>> > and they hit on 3+ (4+ with snap fire). WHY??? Not even second edition
>> > makes them this hard!! (And thats saying something!)
>> > They should certainly be revised in some way (even though they are
>> > units and cost 100 points each.)
>>Many units should be simplified or redone I agree.
>Simplification is a sure thing!! Too many units have idiotic special rules
>which could be resolved otherwise
>> > Close combat:
>> > I think separate rules should be made for ramming vehicels and
>> > infantry. This is how tanks fight in close combat after all, they don't
>> > fight with sword and pistol like the infantry.
>> > Adeptus Titanicus will be a usefull starting point for the rules for
>> > combat
>>I made NetEpic compatible vesions of the ramming rules for Epic Ogre
>>Miniatures along with a bazillion other special rules you could use. Check
>>out the Incomings. It does require we make Size Classes for vehicles
>>its so simple and makes a lot of sense I would like to see it be a core
>I know, the rule was cool enough
>>1) Standard templates - yes that's right just a handful of templates for
>>the weapons. No special damn doomweaver templates, no wierd shaped flamer
>>2) NO DAMN SPECIAL DICE - yup, if we could I'd even get rid of the scatter
>>dice. As it stands we need to ditch the Titan templates and their special
>>dice. We need to have a "scatter template" for those without scatter dice.
>I dont mind the dice that much as long as the game rules describe ach dice
>>3) Reduce the special rules- If a system requires an entire page of
>>rules it get's thrown out and we find a simpler way of doing things. This
>>means a lot of Ork stuff needs to be looked at.
>> > New units:
>>I've kinda restarted my Legionnaire skirmish system, and I'll be using
>>Heresy as a model to revise the trickier aspects...in particular it will
>>have a much more detailed Morale model a la Stargrunt.
>Damn me but i have never read the stargrunt rules....my local gaming store
>cant order it and Id really like to see it
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