[NetEpic ML] Bouncing Emails

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 19:57:03 -0800

I've noticed an upsurge in the number of people I have to manually accept
postings from, if you are noticing delays in posting or if I email you could
you please check your egroups data to make sure it is correct?

The following people are bouncing messages, if I don't get an email from you
and you're back on the bouncing list in a week I'll have to remove you from
the list.

badgutz_at_... permanently bouncing 06/24/99 e-mail
bernasconi_at_... Bernasconi Davide permanently bouncing 09/30/99
canapi_at_... Lorenzo Canapicchi permanently bouncing 03/16/99 e-mail
james.patterson_at_... James Patterson permanently
bouncing 08/12/99 e-mail
jonathan.howell-jones_at_... Jonathan Howell-Jones permanently
bouncing 03/15/99 e-mail
kelm_at_... permanently bouncing 03/05/99 e-mail
ldickson_at_... permanently bouncing 05/19/99 e-mail
omen_at_... Chad Brown permanently bouncing 05/15/99 e-mail
partridc_at_... permanently bouncing 04/27/99 e-mail
pramos1_at_... Peter Ramos permanently bouncing 03/01/99 e-mail
sd_at_... Steve Dickinson permanently bouncing 05/17/99 e-mail
sj_khorne_at_... kevin ludwig permanently bouncing 03/06/99 e-mail
skatta_av_radsla_at_... permanently bouncing 04/28/99 e-mail

 I've also noticed I'm always having to approve messages from:

Please check your egroups data since it is saying you don't match... It's a
pain having to approve each message...

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