[NetEpic ML] Re: NetEpic revision....LOOOOONG but read it and vote

From: Brian Evans <brian.a.evans_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 03:32:40 -0500

Absolutely NOT! Infantry may not enter close combat and still fire their

1. "Models pinned in close combat cannot fire, nor can other troops fire at
them." page 33, Titan Legions Rule Book. Since infantry are pinned by
everything, they should never be able to enter close combat and shoot in the
same phase. The rules in Titan Legions do not provide for any infantry
stand (or normal-sized vehicle) to do both, even command units.

2. Allowing models to charge and fire will add a lot of needless
complications to close combat, movement, and shooting. My exarchs use some,
but not all, of their movement and contact an enemy squad. When do they
fire? Before they charge? After they charge? During their charge? This
is critical, because if the charging/shooting model kills the target of its
charge with its shooting attack, shouldn't they be allowed to continue their
charge into surviving enemy models? It would be entirely reasonable to
assume that the shooting/charging troops would be shooting at the squad they
are charging 'during their charge', so they would naturally complete their
charge into any surviving troops. Now we have to either allow them to move
in the combat phase, or fire in the middle of the movement phase, or fire
before the movement phase, or create a new shooting while on charge orders
phase. Arrrggg, how confusing.

3. "Charge: Models with charge orders move flat out, sacrificing firepower
and caution for speed. The models move at double their normal speed in the
movement phase, but may not fire at all in the combat phase....." page 21,
Titan Legions Rule Book. Where is the balance between charge and advance
orders? If you allow troops to the advantages of double movement, shooting,
and the potential to enter close combat you have just weakened the power of
advance orders. I can recall many occasions when I wished that I had put a
particular unit on Charge instead of Advance orders, because my opponent had
moved into charge range. Each of the different order counters has their own
weaknesses and strengths. I would almost never put my troops on advance
orders, if on charge they would get double movement, shooting, and the
ability to enter close combat. I can easily see me only using First Fire or
Charge counters and completely ignoring Advance orders.

Brian A. Evans

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> >NO SHOOTING ON CHARGE ORDERS!! Units that have powerful guns (Exarchs)
> >would be AWSOME if they could shoot AND charge.
> exarches are command units....they CAN move 40 cm. and still first


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