[NetEpic ML] Re: Does anybody play IG?

From: Brian Evans <brian.a.evans_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 04:04:50 -0500

I have a fair sized Imperial Guard Army that I use when I am not playing my
beloved Squats, savage Chaos, or my mighty Space Marines.

There are a few keys to playing the Imperial Guard:

First, use as many company cards as possible. The free Commisar is not
horribly tough, but he allows your army much more flexibility by being able
to command units that are away from their HQ unit.

Second, use those incredably cheap tactical troops to provide your army with
a numerical advantage. These troops will form a decent screen that the
enemy will have to chew through to get to any of your objectives. Just keep
feeding them into the meat grinder once close combat becomes inevitable.

Third, you need a good base of firepower to inflict damage on your opponent.
I suggest a Heavy Company and a Tank Company. Both provide you with tons
and tons of shots. Generally, these troops have only a small Save Modifier,
so concentrate their fire on infantry, weak tanks, and knocking down Titan
Void Shields.

Fourth, artillery companies are AWSOME!! The Bombards can make a mockery of
even a Titan's armor, after your Heavy Company removes the void shields for
you. While the Basilisk's rapid fire and moderate Save Modifier can affect
tanks, infantry, and even some Titans. I usually place two of the three
Artillery units behind scenery, and have the third one out of cover.
Anything this third one can see, the whole unit can shoot at as if they are
all firing direct. If the one in the open gets destroyed, the other two can
still do some decent damage while firing indirectly.

Fifth, it is always helpful to have some decent reserve forces around. I
usually have a detachment of Ogryns and/or bikes near the important
objectives. While the tactical squads are tying up the enemy, the Ogryns
and Bikes are killing they enemy troops (let the tactical squads go first,
they will give your good troops extra die in close combat) I also like to
have a unit of Rough Riders stationed on guard duty near my Artillery units.
Anyone charging my Artillery will most likely run into the Rough Riders
first, giving my Artillery one more firing phase at the very least.

Sixth, avoid close combat most of the time. Use your overwhelming firepower
to save the day. Your close combat specialists are usually only as good as
your enemies' average troops. Chaos will laugh at your Imperial Guard's
pathetic attempts at Close Combat, unless you have 4 to 1 or better odds.

Seventh, the Imperial Guard are not known for zipping around the
battlefield. Once you have deployed your troops you are committed to that
sector of the battlefield. Choose five of the eight objectives, and throw
an avalanche of troops and firepower into that area.

Brian A. Evans
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