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Hello Peter,

How long is an Epic turn? I have always assumed that an Epic turn represented enough time to fire a squad's weapons multiple times. If you look at WH40K 2nd or 3rd edition, five marines firing their bolters will only result in about a single casualty to a Space Marine squad. It seems reasonable that one Epic turn represents multiple shots. This way, a squad of marines would probably take enough casualties to become combat ineffective.

The same can be said for a LasCannon being fired at a Space Marine squad. The LasCannon can only affect a single marine at a time and each pull of the trigger will probably result in a Marine death. If an Epic turn represents multiple LasCannon shots, it is reasonable that a squad of marines could get shot up pretty bad, even though the LasCannon is not specifically an anti-infantry weapon.

It seems reasonable that weapons that aren't specifically designed to destroy infantry (LasCannon) can be expected to destroy a squad after multiple firings. I still have not figured out how bolters (Space Marine Tactical Squad) can pierce the armor of a LandRaider though. Here is my best attempt though:

1. All tactical squads really have a Heavy Weapon, like a LasCannon, with them. The reason bolters are listed is because the majority of the weapons in a tactical squad are bolters, while they only have a single Heavy Weapon. The reason Devastators list Heavy Weapons, is because the majority of the weapons are Heavy Weapons, this does not rule out that the Sergeant might have a bolter or a bolt pistol/close combat weapon. This would at least fit in with the 40K game, etc.

2. After a veritable hail of Bolter fire strikes the hull of a tank, the tank crew decides that discretion is the better part of valor and they decide to move to a safer part of the battlefield. Tankers don't like to ride "buttoned-up" and have an inordinate fear of infantry attacks, if the enemy is close enough that you are receiving small arms fire, you are probably risking an infantry assault..........O.K., this is a real stretch, I better just stick to #1 above :-)

Brian A. Evans

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They cant hurt them by shooting but they can still hurt them in close combat.


Weasel Fierce wrote:

>Actually anti-armor weapons can effect infantry they just dont get a save
>them they get hit and get vaporized. Infantry soft saves get a chance to
>versus anti-infantry weapons.
>A tac marine would look something like this: CAF 2, armor save 4. IF hit by
>heavy bolter with lets say a -2 save modifier the marine saves on a 6. If
>hit by
>a las-cannon (anti-armor) it is hit and destroyed no save. Conversely the
>bolter has no effect on a land raider for example.
  This looks VERY good. Much more like the way it should be.
  However, will this system mean that infantry can't hurt tanks or just that
  the tank get to save unmodified versus tacticals etc.?????

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