[NetEpic ML] Command Units and charging.

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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 15:29:46 +1100

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>Yes I understand that Command units can first fire and move at charge rate.
>They can not shoot if they enter close combat, though, at least in Epic
>Space Marines/Titan Legions. Do you play that command units may shoot and
>enter close combat in the same turn? How do you handle this situation?

If a unit enters Close Combat in the movement phase, then it is engaged and
cannot shoot (unless it is not pinned as per the pinning rules). So if,
say, a Nob stand charges a stand of Tactical marines, then it cannot shoot
at them or anything else as it is pinned in combat, even though it is a
command unit. But if a command BaneBlade charges a stand of Ork Boys, then
it can shoot at them or another target as it is not pinned (in theory).

A house rule we use for Epic is that a Command Unit may only still use the
"First Fire & Move" ability if it moves no further than its base movement.
If it moves more than the base rate and up to double (as with a charge), it
may not fire as it has spent too much time moving to be able to fire. This
came about from the statement in the old SM/TL rules for orders that stted
that if a unit charged, it could not fire. We had a big arguement for and
against letting command units charge and still fire, so in the end we all
agreed on our house rule as a sensible compromise.

And I have to agree with Brian here. I don't like the idea of aloowing
units that have charged to be able to fire, no matter the penalty. It
reduces the tactical challenge of the game IMHO.

Just my $0.02 on the subject.


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