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> Hi!
> Scale and time elapsed has alsways been vague and never
> eluded to by GW.
> This makes certain aspects of the game pretty wierd. I'd say each
> vehicle represents about 5 vehicles and one infantry stands represents
> 30-50- men.

Hmmm. Then a IG tactical company would have 4800 - 8000 men and a tank
company would have 50 tanks...
That would be more like a brigade/regiment. I think the so called "scale" or
rather lack of any scale whatsoever comes from the fact that if the large
tanks and titans were done in scale with infantry then either the machines
would be so big as to be completely unwieldy (and horrendously expensive) or
the infantry would be so small you would need to paint it with the help of a

Jyrki Saari

> A epic "turn" shouls last in scale from 30-60 minutes.
> I beleive for the revision this should be clear up since most games
> establish range and time scale.
> Peter
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