[NetEpic ML] Re: NetEpic revision....LOOOOONG but read it and vote

From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 16:46:25 +0000


Brian Evans wrote:

> Peter, I am glad that others think that one Epic turn is longer than
> the time it takes to pull the trigger once. I think we are agreed
> that an Epic turn is long enough to allow considerable troop movements
> (running, diving, crouching, taking cover, etc.) and multiple firings
> of each model's weapons (You, lay down some covering fire on the left;
> where the heck is that heavy machine gun; put some rocket grenades in
> that tree line; ammo, we need more ammo; come'on you dog faces, you
> want to live forever) .
> True, an epic turn does seem to last a long time possibly even more
> than one hour. Does it matter how many troops a single infantry stand
> or tank model represents?
> I guess not, but some people would like this address and it is pretty
> standard at this scale which is really not one to one like a skirmish
> game (40k). So if two infantry stands, no matter the scale, were
> shooting at each other, wouldn't they have the same relative firepower
> and damage capacity? Would this difference have an effect on the game
> mechanics? Is this difference something we should consider when we
> consider game mechanics?
> In some rules it does impact, but in epic it really doesn't I think.
> Also it changes nothing as far as rules or mechanics. In the end we
> can put in somewhere for the curious and let players decide if it
> impacts or not.
> Peter
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