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Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 16:19:32 +0000


Weasel Fierce wrote:

> i have a little complaint about the chaos list:
> traitor marines have been cut down to two kind of stands.
> I would suggest the following as an inbetween of my list and yours:
> Traitor marines have bolter ranged all purpose weapons.....you introduce
> heav yweapon marines (I dont believe all chaos freaks carry heavy guns. They
> would prefer bloody and glorious melee.
> The terminators remain as they are, and finally you do dedicated marines.
> Basically a single tough phat unit that will represent the poor souls
> dedicated to a chaos god (like plague marines etc.)

Agreed, I really didn't know if to emulate the marines form current epic (with
heavy weapons) or just bolter toting marines. I guess I'll switch them to armed
with bolters but with a better accuracy since these guys are better than
standard marines. Up to now all marines are dedicated to some power, I will
include generic marines as well as the bulk of your ideas and Ken's in
additional suplement later since htere is so much you can do with chaos. Of
course any one wishing to use standard marines need but use the smae stats
wihout any special powers.

On the other hand if you give me the stats for a generic marine I'll put them

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