[NetEpic ML] Titan toughness

From: Thomas Lawson <kurmark_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 19:05:25 -0600

> heheh, all too true one thing I liked from AT better is that titans were
> resilient, in space marine they are very brittle. Thomas's idea on saving
> with 2d6 would go a long way i think in survivability, without any drastic
> revision.

If the system has moved to the rule where hits can no longer scatter off of
a Titan, this may be an appropriate change to make. Back when I used to
battle the Orks every weekend (back whenit was still Space Marine), My two
Reavers always got trashed by my opponent's single Great Gargant, even when
I was rolling well.

In comparative points costs, the Reavers and Warlords were IMO, much less
effective. That's one of the reasons this game was on my shitlist for a
while. I read all the fluff before I actually played a single game. I went
into the games thinking a Titan could wade across the battlefield in
relative immunity and act as a schwerpunkt for my attacks. I was surprised
to find out that they were quite fragile and that ironically, the Gargants,
described as big, lumbering, poorly constructed monstrosities, were much
more resilient than the cutting edge tech of the Imperial Titans. They could
easily take more damage and averaged twice the number of guns.

The only thing going for the Imperial Titans was occasional template scatter
that caused a miss and a larger variety of weapons(half of which were
pointlessly stupid to begin with before the point system.....and now with
the point system they are still next to useless). The Void Shields,
well...they never seemed to regenerate until the Titan was half-dead anyway.
I would have taken Power Fields over Void Shields anyday.
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