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From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 09:18:58 +1100

At 11:56 AM 12/7/99 +0100, you wrote:
>can a banelord titan class be armed with imperial weaponery? In the chaos
>list is stated that chaos titan can purchase imperial weapons, and that a
>banelord is a mutated warlord, so I think yes, but I'm not sure.
>Also how many carapace weapons can I fit on it, one as the template show, or
>two as a warlord? I think that as the tamplate belong to the old rules it
>reproduce the havoc missile that occupy two carapace mounts, but also in
>this case I'm not sure.

 A Banelord CANNOT be armed with any other weapons than the weapons that it
normally comes with (i.e.- the missile rack that takes up both carapace
mounts, doom cannon thing, doom fist [meltagun-chainfist-powerfist combo],
head cannon, tail gun and bad disposition). It cannot be used with any
other weapons and especially no the Imperial ones! If the NetEpic rules
don't say this, then they should! The Banelord is a specific type of Titan
with a specific weapons fit.


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