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From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 16:34:32 +0000


The banelord is a special titan with special powers (psi-save, demon engine) so
therefore may NOT arm itself with imperil weapons. You can however field chaos
warlord titans that CAN field such weapons. It was decided unbalancing to give
the banelord that much advantage.

Of course the real argument is how much the banelord weapons suck..and there I
agree more pep need be put into the banelord, its the lord of mayhem and blood
isnt it?


stefano andreoni wrote:

> Hi,
> can a banelord titan class be armed with imperial weaponery? In the chaos
> list is stated that chaos titan can purchase imperial weapons, and that a
> banelord is a mutated warlord, so I think yes, but I'm not sure.
> Also how many carapace weapons can I fit on it, one as the template show, or
> two as a warlord? I think that as the tamplate belong to the old rules it
> reproduce the havoc missile that occupy two carapace mounts, but also in
> this case I'm not sure.
> Thanks in advance
> Stefano
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