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See below.......

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> > Again true, true, once upon a time it was so bad for titans that many
> players
> > just didnt field them anymore, titan legions made some changes, but
> to
> > little too late.
> I kept fielding them just because I thought they were cool (and had spent
> $20 on two Reavers). They usually ended up being a detriment to me.

I always try to use a titan, also. I think they are neat! Usually I will
field two WarHound Titans. They seem to be a pretty good value. Just make
sure you deploy them on a flank, so that the enemy won't be able to fire
everything at them.

> > The alternate titan rules in Incoming! address most of these points and
> > redresses the balance making warlords more powerful and gargants less
> > Regardless of what we do however we must change the current system in
> major
> > aspects. mainly in resilence of titans and how well they repair and
> also
> > weapons HAVE TO be re-evaluted to make them all useful and priced
> accordingly.
> I do like their ability to shrug off infantry now. It was too easy to kill
> any kind of titan with 5 Discs of Tzeentch back in the day. I could always
> knock out a Warlock Titan with 5 Disc Riders and a couple of Chaos Gifts.
> That was stupid and I knew it even though it allowed me to win a few

How did you kill the titan with 5 disks? They are only a little faster than
infantry? 20cm move right? I think my Chaos tactics might need
improvement, how did you use them?

> I think the repair rates are fine as is. One thing that always stuck in my
> craw was the flashback from weapons to either the head or bridge....almost
> certain death or severe maiming. A roll of a 5 or 6 on a weapon was just
> damaging. Yeah, I would certainly like to take another look at some of the
> Titan weapons. Most of them can stay the same, but others need to be
> revamped to be useful in some capacity.

I think that a couple of Titan weapons should be less than impressive or at
least only good in a very specific role. Weapons designers don't always
produce a weapon that is good at all tasks. I think that this would add to
the flavor of the game.

> With more detailed terrain rules a lot of those weapons would become more
> useful....like Rubble Claws (LOL!). Inferno Cannons would be more useful
> fereting out infantry in cover. BTW, it would be cool if flame units in
> caused an immediate morale check. Other than that, flame units are
> stupid in Epic unless you can really put together a good plan built around
> making them work.

Flame weapons can affect many troops with the flame template. If you can
put it down on infantry, you will kill many of them. Remember most flame
weapons ignore cover, also. Good for getting troops out of buildings and

Brian A. Evans

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