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In Epic Titan Legions you could equip your Chaos Titans with 2 should
mounted weapons, 2 in the arms, special tail weapon, special head weapon.

The Banelord's weapons are fixed if I remember correctly. Each arm had a
weapon, the head and tail each had special weapons, the shoulders were
occupied by a Havoc Missle Launcher (this took up both shoulder slots).
This is from memory.......

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> Hi,
> can a banelord titan class be armed with imperial weaponery? In the chaos
> list is stated that chaos titan can purchase imperial weapons, and that a
> banelord is a mutated warlord, so I think yes, but I'm not sure.
> Also how many carapace weapons can I fit on it, one as the template show,
> two as a warlord? I think that as the tamplate belong to the old rules it
> reproduce the havoc missile that occupy two carapace mounts, but also in
> this case I'm not sure.
> Thanks in advance
> Stefano
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