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> Frankly, I don't understand what all the Hub-bub is about.
> The Gut Buster can only fire every other round, (of course the first
> round is the most deadly). Gargants must choose at the start of the
> turn which type of ammo is to be used. I choose the type of
> ammo to be
> loaded, before the game is setup, when I pick my units, not
> after I have
> learned what my opponent has taken, and where everything is
> positioned.
> The Ball round scatters, approx 1/3 chance of a hit. Then
> there is the
> amount of roll, (which usually is no problem)

Especialy if you make the ball land straight at a titan's foot.

. The weapon is
> GREAT, if
> it hits, but it's hardly reliable. And once it's fired, the
> enemy KNOWS
> you won't be able to use it the turn it reloads.

At that time I usually have no titans left.

> because the ball
> is not a barrage template, Eldar holo fields are effective against it.

Sorry, it is a TEMPLATE weapon and so is effective. "Holofields are
ineffectual against weapons that use ANY KIND of template."

> Gargants have flickering shields and the armor saves are not so great,
> so every little shot fired at them has a real chance of doing real
> damage, and staring a fire. Infantry weapons have a good
> chance against
> Gargants.

The flickering shields only have 1/6 chance of leting fire through. as for
the saves and damage, let's compare Great Gargant and Warlord. in this
comparsion it is assumed that both are undamaged.

In Warlord damage tables there is 1/3 chance to kill it if the shot hits
head or reactor while there is no chance of killing a gargant with one head
or boiler hit. In leg or carapace hits there is over 1/6 chance of killing a
warlord. A leg hit will never kill a gargant outright. In gutbuster and
magazine damage tables there is a chance for instant kill, but it has about
same chance of doing it as killing a Warlord with a weapon hit.

As for the saves, the gargant only has bad saves in hull locations which
really are good for nothing. The weapon locations have same saves as
Warlord's weapon locations and the head has 2+ save whereas Warlord's head
has 1+. However, it is not possible to insta -kill a gargant with a head

> Of course Gargants are tough, and it takes three fires to ensure
> destuction.

Ensure? With three fires you would have to roll a 6 to kill a Gargant
outright. If you roll a 5 you would have 1/2 chance to get another roll on
the fire table with 1/3 chance of getting +5 to your die roll which pretty
much is assured destruction.

> Warlords, on the other hand, have shields that work against the vast
> majority of weapons. The shields can regenerate.

And there are less of them.

>Warlords can carry
> a wide varity of weapons. Among these are Warp Missles and Vortex
> Missles. Both of these one shot gambles, can get lucky and do some
> pretty horrific damage about 1/3 of the time (scatter).

The best I have managed to do with a warp missile was to blow off a weapon
mount. Then he fired his ball round and killed my warlord. Ouch. In games I
have played only an Imperator titan has been able to last beyond the first
turn when faced with a gargant big mob, and it had both primary weapons
destroyed and no shields.


Jyrki Saari
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